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About Us

who we are

BancFirst Insurance Services, Inc. is a division of BancFirst Corporation, the holding company of Oklahoma’s largest state chartered bank.  We are a growing, dynamic independent insurance agency dedicated to the highest standards of quality, integrity and expertise.

Utilizing the statewide footprint of BancFirst, BancFirst Insurance has a business presence that allows us to understand and meet all of your insurance needs no matter where you work and live.  We look forward to building and maintaining strong relationships with our customers based on the high standards of quality, integrity and expertise with the trust you expect in a loyal partner.

how we Are different

BancFirst Insurance is your risk partner.  A partnership is formed by developing a relationship based on our knowledge of you and/or your business.  As a partner, we will offer solutions to protect your personal or business assets, make your company and employees safer, and represent you to a very large insurance marketplace in order to find the best and most effective insurance coverage for your particular situation.

The traditional commodity approach to purchasing insurance doesn’t always do a good job of keeping the customer’s needs in focus as the primary goal in risk management.  A lack of understanding those risks can be costly, even financially devastating. BancFirst Insurance looks at the risk process a bit differently. We perform an in-depth evaluation of your situation in order to identify your strengths and vulnerabilities and then we deliver tangible and measurable results with insurance solutions not always available to other insurance agents and brokers in the marketplace. We are a proven brand of risk management in Oklahoma.